News Feb 2012 (new residency)


Dear Friends and Jazzers,

Many changes!

1. Double Bass genius Sebastien Adnot is finally back from his broken fingers horror! We gonna swing now!

2. Incredible Jazz singer Kaë Lhassàn has joined GTS Jazz as the voice of the band, so now we have a mouth.

3. Sofitel Phnom Penh have renewed its residency with GTS , now 3 times a week (with 2 remaining nights taken by singer Alexis Fadl, guitarist Tim Walker, pianist Barry Spiers and singer Mark Wood in duo combinations)

4. Kwest is revamping its interior to accommodate a weekly Thursday Jazz night, with new lighting, furnishings and themed  menus, with Kaë singing every 2 weeks (more info on this later) and open sessions for players to join us on stage in exchange of red wine!

5. I’m fat because I ate too many Cannoli and Cassate (Sicilian ricotta based dessert. It’s good, very very good) on my trip to Sicily to see my mama. We’re going to need a bigger piano..

We are ready to go, we begin Wednesday February 1st @ Sofitel 7/10pm. Come and join us!

More info always here and on our facebook page (just look top left on this site for link).

Below is our latest band photo, I’m clearly visible.

Saluti ed abbracci




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