2nd Gig @ Le Jardin / March 3


Oh yeah! Philippe from Le Jardin is having us back (March 3rd, 8pm) for more Jazz in the garden!

After last year’s success it’s time to step-up the swing, this time GTS Quintet unveils a new set-list with usual suspects guest-artists Kae (vocals) and Stephan (Sax). Swing from 50s and contemporary renditions of well-known standards.

We just love playing here because of the special vibe we get from the audience and the attention we get from Philippe and his crew.

Let jazz flow.


 GTS Jazz Quintet / the 50s / March 3rd, 8pm / Le Jardin (16, st 360)

Kaë Lhassàn, Vocal

Stephan Routtier, Sax

Gabriele Faja, Piano

Sebastien Adnot, Double Bass

Toma’ Willen, Drums

Gabriele Faja


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