GTS Hi-Tech + News



GTS has now learned Twitter – I mean we knew it existed but never made any sense.

It still makes no sense, but now we can share senseless posts, if it makes sense..

So to follow our progress and our gigs should be even easier.

Look on the left and you should see the link to follow us on Twitter!


  • We met Ellie Dyer today, editor of Asia Life/Cambodia, who asked us some very interesting questions, maybe we made sense of that? I don’t know but every article of hers I read is always great, so I hope she can work with ours!
  • Furthermore we are now coming out on This Week and Lady Penh (same same) – hopefully!
  • We have drafted a gig on March 31, wait for it: Kind of Blue (Miles Davis) @ Le Jardin – should be a blast! lineup still not discussed but will be sexy-sextet, GTS + 3 horns – hopefully!

Ok people, come out a Jazz with us soon! Full gig update on top of this page!

Ciao – GTS


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