SAT JUNE 30: Swing Dancing at Le Moon!


Dear Followers and Friends (hopefully you are both!)


June comes to an end and we’ve had an ioncredible 6 months, with almost 150 gigs! Woah..

So, to close the first chapter of the year we propose a Swing Dance Off @ Le Moon!

Arguably the most awesomely located terrace in whole country, on the 7th floor of the Amajaya Hotel, on the Riverside of the city (154 corner Sisowath Quay), Le Moon has had our band several times but this time it’s different!

Robin and her troupes of Swingers are coming to town to devastate the floor whilst GTS Quartet + genius Kae Lhassan provide the groove. Full cocktail menu and superb dining at Kwest downstairs = great evening.

You don’t have dance, you can just sit and watch (like I do whilst I’m playing..), tap you feet, sip a drink, hug your girl/man/tran whatever you’re into, wink, clap, laugh and gaze at the stars.

THIS Saturday June 30th at Le Moon!



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  1. Congratulations Gaby – you’re the 3000th. e mail in my In Box!!! We’d love to come (Alison knows Robin) but we’re in the UK until the end of July. Sounds like a fun evening!

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