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GTS Jazz Mesh


Dear Friends, GTS piano trio was going well until….ouch! Sebastian, the band’s bassist, broke 2 fingers in a motorcycle collision. He’s out for two month.

We are having to reshuffle our band, replacing Bass with Jazz Guitar (huge thanks to Super Tim for coming in at short notice and working out these tricky parts), and Vocals (immensely talented Ballad/Swing French vocalist Silvie). Thanks also to Dave on Bass for always trying his best to fit our gigs in his terribly busy life! Orkhun Chran to Ritchy, mostly renowned for his drumming and singing for stepping in last week at Kwest on Bass.

Incidentally, Toma and I (drum & piano) are joining Ritchy (bass) and Phil (Sax) for a gig at Intercontinental tomorrow night (Tuesday Dec 22). It’s my first time with Phil & Ritchy and I am very pleased to finally get to play with them. They are so talented and can play many instruments!

Tonight (Monday), at White Moon Bar (Street 172, Riverside area) we are staging a Jazz Jam for those interested in taking a chorus or two and showing off their bop prowess.  So far we have Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Violin (!), Trumpet, Sax, Flute but Silvie cannot make it, so no vocals ((

I remind you this week GTS Jazz Mesh performs at Sofitel (Wed and Fri), Kwest’s Le Moon bar (thu) and Le Jardin (Sat) – busy week!