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Gabriele, Sebastian and Toma’

2 French and 1 Italian, but somehow they manage.

G.T.S. is the consequence of 3 like-minded musicians who share one passion – Jazz.

Having met for a one-off gig at Kwest in October, we decided to form GTS. We haven’t looked back since, now playing almost every night all over town. The beautiful thing is that we learn from each other every night, we play, we discuss, we search and we play some more!

We are all from very different backgrounds, Classical, Gypsy, Jazz, Raggae. In fact our music is a hybrid of all – the essence of Jazz. We strive to play our best every night, sometime we manage, some times we don’t!

Come to hear us, jam with us, talk with us. We don’t bite (very often..)

Gabi Faja, piano
Toma’ Willen, percussion
Sebastien Adnot, double bass